Top 10 iPhone 6 Cases

So your expensive phone finally arrived. You get enthusiastic, test the display, run a game, import contact list and then you remember you have to go buy some groceries. Perfect time for the first trip with your new phone. But then the universe decides it’s time for you to pay for every bad karma you gathered in your life. The phone suddenly becomes sentient, gets extra slippery and just jumps out of your hand or pocket and lands onto the pavement. The screen is now broken and you are in anguish, thinking what could you have done to prevent this situation. If it did not happen to you yet, I am absolutely sure you know at least one friend who has experienced this horror story. Everybody drops their phone sooner or later so what can you do to protect it? Buy a case or a protective screen? But would not…

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Comparing the Apple iPhone 6S With the Original iPhone 6

After the months of anticipation, Apple has recently unveiled its new sister to the iPhone 6: The inevitable iPhone 6S. Looking almost identical to its predecessor, we’re here to take a look at what’s changed on the inside and whether it’s worth the expensive upgrade. Design As mentioned, there is not much of a change at all. The new iPhone 6S is 0.01 inches thicker and half an ounce heavier, but those are very noticeable. Both phones are 5.44 inches tall by 2.64 inches wide, and both feature a 4.7 inch display with a 1,337 x 720 pixels resolution. The new killer feature: 3D Touch 3D Touch allows the user to press further in to options, saving time on clicking and opening up a whole range of processes to access apps and features. For example, Apps can be switched simply by pressing down on the sides of the display. Greatly…

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Free Apple iPad – Turn out to be an iPad Tester and Get it For Free

Do you know is basically attainable to get an Apple iPad without cost? I am speaking a couple of model new iPad, that isn’t going to value your $ 500 + . The query you may be asking proper now’s “How is that this attainable and is it legit”? Effectively preserve studying to seek out out! Your first intuition may be to assume that any kind of Apple iPad giveaway is a rip-off. However the actuality is, these business giants like Apple, must individuals to check their merchandise and supply helpful suggestions and opinions. The iPad’s aren’t any exception. The suggestions these firms obtain goes a good distance in serving to to enhance future variations of the product. Any such market analysis is a win-win scenario for each you and Apple. Apple get the precious market analysis on the product for future enhancements and variations and also you get a…

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iphone 4 versus iphone 4s

The iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S were both released by Apple, but the iPhone 4S came later and included several enhancements over the iPhone 4.
Here’s a brief comparison of the two models:

iPhone 4:

  • Release Date: Released in June 2010.
    Processor: A4 chip.
    Camera: 5-megapixel rear camera with LED flash, capable of recording 720p HD video.
    Siri: Not available on the iPhone 4.
    Storage Options: Available in 8GB and 16GB versions.
    iOS Support: Supported up to iOS 7.
    Design: Glass front and back with a stainless steel frame.

iPhone 4S:

  • Release Date: Released in October 2011.
    Processor: Dual-core A5 chip, providing a significant performance boost over the iPhone 4.
    Camera: 8-megapixel rear camera with LED flash, capable of recording 1080p HD video. Introduction of the Siri virtual assistant.
    Siri: Siri was introduced with the iPhone 4S, allowing users to interact with their devices using natural language commands.
    Storage Options: Available in 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB versions.
    iOS Support: Supported up to iOS 9.
    Design: Similar design to the iPhone 4, with glass front and back and a stainless steel frame.

Key Differences:

  • The iPhone 4S featured a faster processor (A5 chip) compared to the iPhone 4 (A4 chip).
    The camera on the iPhone 4S was improved both in terms of megapixels and video recording capabilities.
    Siri, the voice-activated virtual assistant, was introduced with the iPhone 4S and was not available on the iPhone 4.
    The iPhone 4S offered larger storage options with the availability of a 64GB version.
    Both devices had similar designs, but the internal hardware of the iPhone 4S made it a more capable and powerful device.
    Overall, while the iPhone 4 and 4S share a similar design, the iPhone 4S offered notable improvements in performance, camera capabilities, and the introduction of Siri.

iPhone 6S Mobile Phone – What You Can Expect?

While comparing with other phones that claim to offer similar features and specifications, the iPhone 6S might be overpriced. Though these brands offer the comparative kind of specifications as the iphone 6S, in effect, those are modest and unstable. The Apple devices are planned and packed with the best and latest features and won’t get outdated in the near future. The iPhone 6S is likewise getting that kind of interest from the general public, with individuals lining up to purchase them. So, what makes the iPhone 6S exceptional? Model The exterior design of the iPhone 6S is same as the iPhone 6, but the hardware used inside, from the processor to the camera is latest and superior. The new device is made from an entirely new material and ‘Apple’ has updated the main technologies such as the vibration engine and the touch screen. Design The iPhone 6s made from 7000…

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Which iPhone 6 Should You Buy?

[ad_1] With the most recent Apple iPhones returning to India in but two weeks, plenty of patrons is also questioning that iPhone half-dozen is true for them. this is often the primary time ever that Apple has launched 2 separate iPhone models with similar specs. a minimum of with the iPhone 5S and 5C, one was clearly the upper finish model and one was the low finish device. With the phone half-dozen and half-dozen and, there area unit just about no internal variations apart from the battery size and also the camera. therefore here’s a couple of things to stay in mind once deciding that iPhone half-dozen you ought to pay your cash on. the value distinction Apple has declared that it’ll launch the phone half-dozen 16GB variant in India at a worth of Rs. 53,500, whereas the five.5-inch iPhone half-dozen and can begin at Rs. 62,500. that’s a worth…

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iPhone 6S Release Date: When is the iPhone 6S Turning Out?


Nowadays it is generally simple to foresee when another era of a leader cell phone will arrive. Most cell phone makers report another model year while a couple goes for regular intervals.

Remember that if there are two new iPhones declared for the current year, they may not go on special around the same time.

However, if we believe on “Economic Daily News” (translated), the iPhone 6S will arrive a month ahead of schedule in August. It guarantees the current year’s yield for the gadget is superior to expected so Apple may hop its own weapon.

What we do know is that Apple will give us our first chance to have a look at iOS 9 since its Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) starts on 8 June. It’s actually a given that the iPhone 6S will come preloaded with iOS 9 so we will at any rate see the product components of the telephone before it is declared.

According to the upgrade at the highest point of the page, Vodafone has uncoovered the iPhone 6S or ‘New iPhone’ as it is admitted to will go marked down on 25 September with preorder beginning on 18 September. The data was sent in an email to staff yet seen by Mobile News.

Meanwhile, The Telegraph, which refers to ‘industry sources’, says that Apple Pay will dispatch in two months offering an August dispatch so the iPhone 6S will accompany it prepared to go.

With an “S” model iPhone, most things have a tendency to continue through to the end as far as outline and specs. Generally there are a couple changes here and there yet Apple will spare real changes for the following full model number – ie the iPhone 7.

It appears to be likely then that the iPhone 6S will have a striking resemblance as the current iPhone 6. It will utilize the same case and come in the same shading choices. The weight may change however because of distinct parts inside or another sapphire glass.

IPhone 6S: Design and specs

An S model sticks with the same screen measure so we’re probably taking a gander at 4.7in and if there is an iPhone 6S Plus then it bought to stay at 5.5in. Resolutions are additionally viable to keep with it though one talk suggests the new iPhone will have a 5in showcase with a 400ppi and should not something be said about the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge.

The Apple iPhone 6 Versus The HTC One M9: A Comparison

Two similar wanting smartphones on the market are discharged by entirely totally different manufacturers: Apple drop their iPhone half-dozen whereas HTC introduce the One M9. we tend to forced the lock the key components of every device, compare the 2 super-smartphones and judge that one is that the overall winner. Design & Build When customers begin disbursal many pounds on their pocket device, they expect solely the absolute best build quality and style. Here, each Apple and HTC opted for styles composed primarily of Al, giving these models each a premium and powerful look. However, once in hand, they’re terribly totally different. The iPhone includes a flat back encircled by sleek edges, whereas the HTC is totally serpentine, leading to considerably totally different dimensions, wherever the iPhone stands at half-dozen.5mm thick and therefore the HTC at nine.5mm thick. Screen Both phones keep themselves at intervals the initial smartphone market, as…

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What Makes the iPhone 6 Better Than the iPhone 5?

In late 2014, Apple launched its new flag mobile phone, the iPhone 6. This saw thousands of aficionados queue outside Apple Stores all over the world. One question remains though, is it really worth upgrading your iPhone 5? Design Design is really up to personal preference; although the iPhone 6 appears to be slightly larger than its predecessor but appears to be a bit thinner 6.8mm versus 7.6mm. The more recent device has also lost the 2 tone design and adopted new branding giving a more retro look. However, the iPhone 6 is also less chunky which means it is more prone to slipping out your hand, which is why we would strongly advise putting it into a case to avoid any inconvenient accidents which would result in having to pay a visit to the iPhone repair shop. Again though, it is hard to deliver a dictated based on the…

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The Reality Concerning the iPhone 6 Plus

The iPhone 6 Plus was launched on September 19, 2014 together with the iPhone 6. The variations between these telephones are primarily in display measurement and pixel decision. Some individuals are uncertain whether or not this is sufficient to justify the worth enhance that comes with choosing up the iPhone 6 Plus. And much more individuals are questioning if the iPhone 6 plus is superior to different telephones in the marketplace. Let’s check out what the 6 Plus has to supply. 5.5 inch diagonal display The iPhone 6 Plus has a 5.5 inch diagonal display. That is very handy since you’ll by no means have to fret about having too small a display in terms of watching movies or photos. The dimensions additionally just isn’t superior in which you can not even match the cellphone inside your pocket. The 6 Plus suits snugly in your pocket in case you are…

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