The Apple iPhone 6 Versus The HTC One M9: A Comparison

Two similar wanting smartphones on the market are discharged by entirely totally different manufacturers: Apple drop their iPhone half-dozen whereas HTC introduce the One M9. we tend to forced the lock the key components of every device, compare the 2 super-smartphones and judge that one is that the overall winner.

Design & Build

When customers begin disbursal many pounds on their pocket device, they expect solely the absolute best build quality and style. Here, each Apple and HTC opted for styles composed primarily of Al, giving these models each a premium and powerful look. However, once in hand, they’re terribly totally different. The iPhone includes a flat back encircled by sleek edges, whereas the HTC is totally serpentine, leading to considerably totally different dimensions, wherever the iPhone stands at half-dozen.5mm thick and therefore the HTC at nine.5mm thick.


Both phones keep themselves at intervals the initial smartphone market, as hostile alternative models that area unit currently classed as “phables” that solely solely match into Associate in Nursing everyday pocket. The iPhone offers a four.7inch show whereas HTC has gone slightly larger at 5-inches. each displays area unit at the same resolution, with the HTC providing full 1080p and therefore the iPhone sitting in between 720p and full HD. because the technology behind the glass is extremely similar, the HTC edges slightly before here with its larger screen size, nice for observance movies. It conjointly has the bonus of front facing speakers higher than and below the screen.


As always, Apple fix storage capacities Associate in Nursingd a user cannot add 1MB further owing to a scarcity of an memory device choice. The iPhone half-dozen comes at 16GB, 64GB and 128GB storage choices. HTC differentiate themselves by providing a typical 32GB model however permitting users to feature additional cupboard space via its external microSD slot. The winner? clearly, the HTC with its flexibility.

Power and Performance

One of the primary smartphones to use 64-bit technology, the iPhone half-dozen packs within the latest A8 processor in conjunction with a dual-core central processing unit in partnership with a quad-core GPU. What will this really mean? High responsiveness beneath the utilization of multiple applications, ideal for play or intensive programs. The 1GB of RAM is enough however by no means that high of the vary.

However, these specifications sound poor once examination the iPhone’s power to the HTC One M9. This device holds Associate in Nursing eight-core flower 810 processor. it’s four 2GHz Cortex-A57 power cores and 4 one.5GHz Cortex-A53 potency cores. The phone smashes Apple with its 3GB of RAM, a necessity for its current software.


As always, we tend to love specializing in the cameras on the most recent smartphones. Why? customers use them, for pretty much everything, usually as a replacement for his or her digital cameras sitting reception. The HTC M9 packs in an exceedingly high 20-megapixel rear camera, giving additional detail beneath sensible light-weight as compared to Apple’s lower resolution 8-megapixel camera. The competition here continues to be shut, as each devices take fantastic photos as a results of their advanced lens technology. If you are a “selfie” lover, the HTC’s front camera offers a high 4-megapixel resolution.

Battery Life

It’s a terribly straightforward comparison. The iPhone half-dozen holds a 1810mAh battery, whereas the HTC packs in an exceedingly a lot of larger 2840mAh one. whereas we tend to appreciate the actual fact that iOS is additional economical than automaton, tests prove the HTC still lasts longer on one charge.

Concluding Points

The HTC is that the winner on multiple levels. Storage flexibility with the M9 is ideal for any user, belongings music and film lovers add the maximum amount as they like at low price. a bigger battery means that less time spent next to a electric outlet, and therefore the latest high resolution rear and front facing cameras mean you actually do receive each a top-end smartphone and camera in one.

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