Review: Medion Lifetab S10333 (MD98828)

Medion S10333 Lifetab – hardware and design

Tablets from the budget segment are generally not too hip in design. You should not too much (or little) a budget tablet also expect in terms of dimensions and weight, and the Medion S10333 Lifetab is no exception. Nevertheless, you should after this remark as a reviewer to call directly to the dull and heavy (580 grams) body of the Medion S10333 Lifetab feels very solid, the build quality seems to be so tight. The materials used are feeling well. The aluminum back and glass front are held together by small plastic components that directly provide the space for the different connections


With a resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels, the 10.1inch IPS panel Medion on paper a beautiful screen. Fortunately, the resolution also translates well into practice. More luxurious and expensive tablets might have a screen in terms of brightness and color scores better, but the Medion S10333 Lifetab has nothing to be ashamed of. The screen looks nice and quiet and is fairly close to the protective glass plate. I had terms of screen brightness like to seen a few teeth but also the current range, the screen is very useful, especially indoors. The glass plate fog incidentally or the coating to prevent fingerprints and so this is a tablet that you need regular brushing. Furthermore, it is in terms of color reproduction raised more than fine and the viewing angles are average level. More than a fine display so!


The connections on this Medion S10333 Lifetab are quite extensive, especially if we look at the price you pay for this tablet. Besides standard things like Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n, Bluetooth 4.0, microUSB and a microSD card reader to expand the memory this Medion Lifetab S10333 has also agreed miniHDMI, GPS and an infrared transmitter that allows you the equipment in your home can operate cinema system. That makes it an offer that can compete with specsheet of many Samsung tablet.


The speakers of this tablet are on the front, a choice we always appreciate because it sends the sound to the user. The relatively wide edges (bezels) gotten around the screen will in any case an additional feature. Because the audio sounds directly to the end user directly a lot better, and do not need to hear anything the volume necessarily at full power. One has been able to even if you turn the volume up or keep. The distortion of the sound striking within limits Naturally miss this little tablet speakers show some of the bass in the upper and detail, but compared to other tablets (also expensive tablets) are the speakers on this Medion S10333 Lifetab very nice!


Where the speakers are very nice and certainly beyond the speakers that you normally find in the budget segment the same can not be said about the cameras in this tablet. Those are exactly what we expect from tablets in this segment; jerk. Even in well-lit areas lack the cameras a lot of detail and contrast in their images. These cameras should regard us in the category “they could have a better way so that this tablet was 10 euros cheaper.” Want your photos and videos with your tablet? Then this is not the tablet you are looking for.

battery life

The Medion S10333 Lifetab boasts a hefty 9000 mAh battery, which is very nice because this tablet will easily spend a day on a single charge. An hour or 10 active use is no longer possible, and that means in practice that you do this tablet probably only once every two or maybe even charge three days. Of course it is however strongly dependent on the type of use and the frequency of use. But these Lifetab Medion S10333 has at least this part is a very interesting competitive battery and can compete with names like Apple, Asus and Samsung.
Medion S10333 Lifetab – software

This tablet runs on Android 4.4 KitKat and although no longer quite the final version it may be simply seen as a modern operating system. Even Google has its own devices, not all ported to Android 5.0 Lollipop (the successor of KitKat) so Medion may also not expected. Or an update in the future will be available is still the question, we would personally not assume.

The Medion S10333 Lifetab carries the approving eyes of Google and thus has access to all Google apps and services. This is not only nice because prebuilt apps like Gmail, Maps and Youtube just very good, it’s especially nice that you have access to 700.000+ apps available in the Google Play Store as a user. Services like Google Now and online store channels as the Google Books so working totally fine on this Medion S10333 Lifetab.

Medion S10333 Lifetab – conclusion

The more and the longer I Lifetab Medion S10333 use, the more impressed I become of the value for money. Especially when you can to months patience just a few weeks as a user, this system is undoubtedly fast for under 200 euro available, then you really have a beautiful nice tablet for that money. Yes, the body is dull in design and the device is relatively heavy for a tablet, but there are a good build quality, a high-res screen and excellent performance opposite. The lack of disturbing skin it pleases us that ugly Medion apps icons can easily remove you happy! You can currently purchase the tablet at a price of 209 euro on the website of Medion.

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