What Makes the iPhone 6 Better Than the iPhone 5?

In late 2014, Apple launched its new flag mobile phone, the iPhone 6.

This saw thousands of aficionados queue outside Apple Stores all over the world. One question remains though, is it really worth upgrading your iPhone 5?


Design is really up to personal preference; although the iPhone 6 appears to be slightly larger than its predecessor but appears to be a bit thinner 6.8mm versus 7.6mm. The more recent device has also lost the 2 tone design and adopted new branding giving a more retro look. However, the iPhone 6 is also less chunky which means it is more prone to slipping out your hand, which is why we would strongly advise putting it into a case to avoid any inconvenient accidents which would result in having to pay a visit to the iPhone repair shop.

Again though, it is hard to deliver a dictated based on the design because it really draws down to personal preference.

Screen Size

The iPhone 6 screen has gained a few inches over the iPhone 5s towering at 4.7 inches. This represents the largest leap in screen size since Apple entered the mobile phone market in 2007. The screen resolution itself has also increased jumping up to 750 x 1334. Colors are accurate, saturation is on point and there is just right amount of clarity.

However, the display on the iPhone 5s remains one of extremely high quality but if you are looking for a mobile with a wide screen and excellent display, then you should choose the iPhone 6.


Apple upgraded the processor of its new flagship device to a Dualcore A8 main processor with an M8 co-processor which means scrolling through menus is much quicker. However, and rather disappointingly, Apple has only kited it out with 1GB Ram which means your app status will not be saved for very long and web pages might have to reload.

Faster navigating through the menus and faster web browsing means that a pure performance point of view, it is well worth upgrading to the iPhone 6.

Battery Life

As was the case for its predecessor, the iPhone 6 is fitted with a non-removable battery. Fully charged will last up to a day of medium to heavy usage. However, the battery does charge fairly quickly and will not need to be plugged into the mains for too long.

Based on these criteria, we would only recommend upgrading your phone if you were after a mobile with a larger screen or if the usage you made of it required blisteringly quick performances.


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