iPhone Troubleshooting – Blank or Black Screen iPhone Problems


So, Your iPhone has a Blank or Black Screen

So, you have a problem with your iPhone screen and are looking to fix it. Troubleshoot your iPhone to find and fix the cause of the problem often is quite easy and simple to fix. The best way of looking at this is to go through different solutions in step by step fashion making sure nothing is left out. As a result of this approach you may feel that you want to skip some step or you have tried some methods before. I’d urge you to go through each step to make sure you’ve tried everything. Apologies if you’ve tried some approaches before!

Now, the best way to do this is to go through a process step by step, apologies if you have already tried some of these but it is often best to be though!

So step one in troubleshooting an iPhone with a blank or black screen is to plug it into your computer or a power supply. Often a low battery is a cause of this and making sure your phone has a good connection with your computer and leaving it for 5 minutes can solve the problem.

Step two . If your iPhone is not working after 5 minutes or so and you’ve made sure it has a good connection with your computer but your computer is recognizing the device you can put the iPhone into hard reset mode. Before you do this make sure you have backed up the information on your iPhone on your computer. To put the iPhone into hard rest mode press and hold the home button and the power button at the same time. Hold them both for ten seconds you should hear a beep from the one and or see an apple on the screen. If you see an apple on the screen you can take it that hard rest (or Device Firmware Update (DFU) mode has worked.

Step three. If the previous steps have not worked and you still have a blank or black screen then you potentially have two problems. The first one, if your computer is not recognizing the iPhone is a problem with the power into the phone. Now this could have the power cable or the power cable socket in the phone. Try swapping power cables with a friend or relative and see if this works. If not then you have a problem with the power socket in the phone. At this point it is worth taking into a shop to get repaired, this should not be too expensive make sure you take it to several places and get multiple quotes before you decide to go for a repair.

Step four. If your phone is being recognized by your computer but DFU mode has not resolved your problem then the problem resides with the screen itself or the power supply to the screen inside the phone. Both of these can be damaged if there is any trauma to the iPhone. If your screen is blank as opposed to black I would suggest that the problem is much more likely to be in the mechanics of the screen. The screen can be replaced at home, but does require some equipment and technical capability. (Note: this may void any warranty you have and as such is not endorsed by the author.) Again, if you take it to a repair shop make sure you get several opinions and quotes before settling on one to do the replacement.

The power supply to the screen inside the iPhone is even trickier to replace and really should not be attempted at home, following the same advice as getting a screen replacement at a repair shop (lots of different quotes etc)

I hope you find this article useful and troubleshooting your iPhone in this manner has solved your black or blank screen problems!


Source by Benjamin John Adams

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