Samsung Galaxy S versus Samsung Galaxy II


Despite the similarities, the two smartphones are not alike. The first Samsung Galaxy S was a mid-range device that cost around $150. The S was Samsung’s flagship phone, while the II is more of a high-end device that costs several hundred dollars. While both phones feature the same hardware, the S is still more powerful and features a bigger display, making it the preferred choice of many tech enthusiasts.

The first difference between the two devices is the processor. The S II has a dual-core 1.2GHz processor compared to the single-core one in the original. The RAM of the S II is double the memory of the older model. The S II is slightly larger than the original Galaxy S, but the S is lighter. It is possible that the two smartphones will have different specifications, depending on the carrier. Both phones will be available in parts of Europe in May, though pricing and availability are not yet known.

The S II is priced significantly cheaper than the S. The former is less expensive and is capable of supporting more memory, while the latter has an even higher screen resolution. The Galaxy S II is equipped with a 4.3-inch qHD display, which makes it a better option for video viewing. The Galaxy S II uses Super AMOLED Plus technology, which provides a brighter, more vibrant image than the S.

It is the more advanced of the two devices, with an expanded 4.3-inch screen. The screen of the S II uses Samsung’s Super AMOLED Plus technology for a brighter and more vibrant image. It is also equipped with a physical QWERTY keyboard, which adds a new level of convenience to the smartphone. The S II is the better choice for those who need a larger display.

While both phones are very similar, they differ in some ways. The S II offers more memory. The original had just 512MB of RAM. The S II has a 1.2GHz dual-core processor. Moreover, the S has double the RAM of its predecessor. Both phones are capable of handling high-end multimedia. With a 720p HD screen, the S II is the better choice for a smartphone.


The S II is the superior handset of the two.

Its display is more vibrant and vivid. The screen is more than a quarter inch larger than that of the S. The S II’s screen is also more spacious than the S. Both smartphones use the Super AMOLED Plus technology. The S II is the winner when it comes to display. The S has a larger 4.3-inch screen. The S II also has a faster processor.

While the S II is slightly bigger than the S, it has a larger screen. The screen of the S II is 4.3 inches, making it slightly larger than the S. It also features a Super AMOLED Plus display that provides bright and vivid images. Its camera is also better than its predecessor. But it does not have the built-in GPS. Its main advantage is the screen. This is the best smartphone in the market right now, but the Galaxy S is still the favorite.

As far as processor goes, the S series is the most advanced Android device. It uses the same 1Ghz processor as the S but offers a faster and more powerful processor. The S series also has a higher price than the S2 and the S4G, which is more expensive. However, if you are looking for a mid-range device, the S is the best choice. But if you are looking for something cheaper, you can’t go wrong with the S.

The screen size is another factor to consider. The S2 has a larger screen than the S, and its display is a key consideration. The Galaxy S uses a 1Ghz processor, while the S2 uses a 1.2Ghz processor. The two smartphones offer a similar amount of storage, but the S2 is a bit heavier. But the screen size and battery life of both phones is the same.

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