Which iPhone 6 Should You Buy?


With the most recent Apple iPhones returning to India in but two weeks, plenty of patrons is also questioning that iPhone half-dozen is true for them. this is often the primary time ever that Apple has launched 2 separate iPhone models with similar specs. a minimum of with the iPhone 5S and 5C, one was clearly the upper finish model and one was the low finish device.

With the phone half-dozen and half-dozen and, there area unit just about no internal variations apart from the battery size and also the camera. therefore here’s a couple of things to stay in mind once deciding that iPhone half-dozen you ought to pay your cash on.

the value distinction

Apple has declared that it’ll launch the phone half-dozen 16GB variant in India at a worth of Rs. 53,500, whereas the five.5-inch iPhone half-dozen and can begin at Rs. 62,500. that’s a worth distinction of Rs. 9,000. Going for the smaller device would mean that you simply pay the money you save on accessories like Bluetooth headsets or iPhone half-dozen cases,.

The Size difference

Both the new iPhone half-dozen models area unit unbelievably skinny, at round the 7mm mark. The iPhone half-dozen and is slightly thicker however not enough for anyone to note. it’s the opposite dimensions that area unit wildly totally different. The iPhone half-dozen and is not only the most important iPhone ever however with a five.5″ screen it’s one in every of the most important smartphones amount. Bordering on a phablet size, the half-dozen and wants 2 hands to use it and Apple even gave it a one-handed mode that slide the highest of the screen down therefore you’ll be able to truly reach it. admit wherever you’re about to carry your phone and whether or not the half-dozen and can slot in your hands, your pockets or your purse.


Though plenty of the stories of the iPhone half-dozen and being bent area unit media ballyhoo, there area unit still legitimate stories of users UN agency have tense with broken iPhones simply from having them in their garment pockets. The iPhone half-dozen and is therefore giant then skinny that this is not an incredible situation. True, you’ll get and iPhone half-dozen and cowl that will give some additional protection however there would still be that worry that you simply were about to ruin a tool that value quite Rs. 62,000, anytime you sit down.

The Camera

fingerprintresisesant iPhoneOne of the most mercantilism points of iPhones have forever been that they need what’s most likely the simplest smartphone camera ever. If you’re one in every of the people that uses the phone camera plenty, you’ll wish the iPhone half-dozen and with its optical stabilization options, that the iPhone half-dozen lacks. even supposing each area unit nice cameras, the stabilization takes the phone half-dozen and nearer to being the sole camera you’ll ever would like. there’s a trade-off tho’. The camera on the half-dozen and stands out of the body in an unsightly camera bulge that spoils the sleek back and makes it not possible to put the phone down flat. the sole thanks to resolve this is often with associate degree iPhone half-dozen and case that evens out the bump and restores a flat back to the phone.



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