iPod Touch – Pros and Cons


The new iPod touch is something that is good to have in your purse. It's no longer just a media player as the "iPod" name suggests, it's further more than that, it represents an Apple's handheld computing platform, supported by a huge and still growing third-party community. Thanks to Apple's iTunes Apps Store this device turned into a full-fledged mobile computer with tens of thousands and more and third party-applications available. But nothing is perfect, so lets see the pros and cons of this device, according to the users of the iPod:


• Least expensive entry to revolutionary mobile Apple platform

• Huge apps ecosystem; works as PDA, Wi-Fi wielding media player, game and application platform

• Very good performance

• Speaker and volume controls

• Graphics enhancements, improved accessibility, higher capacity, a faster processor

• Attractive, your friend will desire one too, it will entertain you, nice to touch

• Light weight, convenient, quite powerful, can do that of the stuff that you need on a laptop

• Tons of features, lots of apps and accessories, superb screen and touch capabilities, good sound, excellent selection of cases, carriers and accessories

• Offers great quality on the video and games, the game console itself its genius, its like a computer with billions keyboards

• Web access and dead easy hook up to wireless hotspots, great web browser


• Incompatible with many older iPod accessories

• Lacks camera

• Bluetooth very limited

• Lack of refinements to its audio quality, hardware design, and video playback live just a little bit uninspired

• Very inconvenient to move things around

• Battery life can be improved

• Cant watch videos from most sites other than youtube

• No video flash

• No radio

• The price

What is for sure, is that you can enjoy playing your favorite iPod touch games with great quality. We will introduce you to the top 10 free and amazing games for your iPod: 1. Pac-Man Lite, 2. Jelly Car, 3. Tap Tap Revenge 2, 4. iBowl, 5.Cannon Challenge, 6.Labyrinth Lite Edition, Lux Touch, 8. Tic Tac Free, 9. Sol Free Solitaire, 10. Brain Toot Free.

The great choice of games and the finding that the iPod touch is the only device than the iPhone that works on Apple's mobile application platform is a reason more to bye one.


Source by Leyla Useini

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