Apple iPad’s MobileMe


Like several other Apple products, the new Apple iPad is unique in itself in the sense that it is a perfect blend of a laptop, a gaming console, a smartphone into a smart, affordable tablet computer. One of the most sought-after features of this 8X10 inch Apple gadget is its MobileMe function.

The MobileMe service by Apple provides the iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad owners with a convenient way to keep their contacts, calendars, and emails in sync without having their computer to ever dock the gadget. Initially, the service is offered as a free trial for 60 days followed by an annual charge of $99. What especially makes this service so popular among Apple users is its provision of a web-based gallery for preserving your collection of digital photos, a service for tracing the device in case it is lost, an iDisk function for remote storage of files, as well as a security function that will erase the gadget remotely when a theft occurs.

However, the MobileMe service in the new Apple iPad has encouraged mixed responses and reviews the world over. For instance, some are of the opinion that certain features of the MobileMe such as its location look-up and remote wipe are less relevant to the handling of the iPad, since the iPad is less likely to be lost than the iPod Touch or iPhone. In addition, the MobileMe in the iPad is without the built-in camera which reduces the display quality of its photo-hosting capabilities.

Nonetheless, one fact remains significant for sure and that is – for households hosting multiple iPhones and/or computers, the capability of the iPad’s MobileMe to keep your contacts, calendars, and emails updated across all your gadgets is definitely worth every single penny. Granted that the function is probably not feasible for one and all, but it is certainly effective in solving real problems for many who do need it.


Source by Jim Johannasen

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