Apple iPad (16GB) – The Ultimate Tablet PC


Apple products have always been known for their great design, solid construction and awesome style. The Apple iPad (16GB) is no different. Featuring a 9.7-inch capacitive touch screen the actual device measures around 8 inch by 10 inch, roughly the size of a standard magazine. In short, the iPad looks a lot like a larger iPhone. Super-slim and sufficient light at 1.5 pounds the tablet looks a lot nicer and more solid than other tablet computers in the same class with all the buttons, fittings and surfaces having a very high standard of quality.

As the entry-level offering the Apple iPad (16GB) is powered by an Apple A4 1GHZ processor and offers 16GB of flash memory. Instead of more common tablet operating systems the iPad adopts the same operating system as the iPhone. As such, the iPad starts up in a mere 18 seconds and is quite responsive. The iPad has a standard 30-pin dock connector along with integrated speakers but does not have any integrated video camera. Other connections include 802.11n wireless wi-fi and Bluetooth wireless connectivity. It also has an integrated accelerometer, microphone, digital compass and mute switch. A 3G capable model with assisted GPS will be made available later in April 2010.

Handling the Apple iPad (16GB) is as easy as using the Apple iPhone or iPod Touch. The touchscreen is extremely responsive and accurate while the interface is very intuitive. Typing on the screen is possible but not nearly as comfortable as swiping and pinching your way through it. Since the tablet uses the iPhone operating system, you can only do one thing at time. The Apple iPad comes with a number of applications including those for leisure as well as work but you can download games and other applications from the Apple app store or iTunes.

While you can read eBooks on the Apple iPad (16GB) the reflective screen makes it almost unreadable in direct sunlight. At 1.5 pounds it definitely can not be held one-handed as it becomes quite a strain after a time. The screen is more than enough for most movies and images with a 1024 x 768 pixel resolution but HD movies are out of the question. Battery life is about 10 to 12 hours based on what you're using it for

All in all, the Apple iPad (16GB) finally offers users with the ultimate tablet computer. While it does really well with similar iPhone-like applications it does not really do typing and editing very well nor is it going to replace any e-book readers anytime soon. It does on the other hand offer users with a very fast and very easy device to use to stay connected, however if you're looking for a netbook, smart-phone or e-book reader replacement, this is not the device for you . If you can not live without your Apple iPhone and adore your Apple iPod Touch, then chances are you'll love the Apple iPad (16GB).


Source by Troy Richards

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