8 Different Kinds of iPhone 6 Case To Suit Your Need And Style


There are different kinds of iPhone 6 case for sale which can prolong the life of your expensive smartphone. The price of an iPhone is indeed very steep and with that value, you want to be able to use it for a long period of time. Remedy: you have to invest in a protection casing so that your iPhone 6 is guarded.

The different kinds of luxury case for the iPhone

The cheapest Apple case you can buy is about $ 10. It can go up until a couple of hundred dollars depending upon the design of the casing. Some has Swarovski crystals in it. Some are just plain silicone or rubber. So it really depends on what iPhone 6 case you prefer. The price of the casing is a combination of both function and style.


This is usually a thin plastic or silicone phone case that covers the whole unit to prevent it from chips and scratches. This kind of casing preserves the sleekness of the mobile because it is not at all bulky. But that is all it can do. Be careful not to drop it.

Have you seen the Naked by Slickwraps for iPhone? It is made of military grade TPU and costs $ 18 only. UV-resistant and bubble-free, this case was made to withstand impact.


This iPhone 6 case is hard, transparent if without bling or prints and covers the back and sides of the iPhone 6. It is not as durable as a full-proof casing but it can do the job. It has the tendency to break over time but at least your mobile is intact.

Incipio® DualPro® is a $ 29 hard shell casing. It is also a 2-piece interlocking device for maximum impact protection. But it is a slim case, contrast to other 2-piece casings.

Wallet or Pouch

Some people prefer to put their phone in a pouch or wallet. A pouch casing is usually hung by the neck for easy access but there is a sleeve-like iPhone 6 case too – for those who are not picky on design. The wallet case is both a phone holder and a wallet at the same time. It has card and bill slots. Women are more likely to use this luxury case than men. The only disadvantage on this casing is that the user has to take the phone out every time he or she wants to use it.

The Verus Sliding Wallet Case is chic to the metal (It has a metal-like finish). At $ 22, your phone is secured as a baby plus there is room for your money and credit cards. Other colors of this hard shell wallet case are gold, silver, red, black and yellow.

Outdoor or Sporty

This iPhone 6 case is for those who are doing field work or are athletic and need their iPhone 6 handy even during busy times. You can be sure that this casing is heavy duty: water proof, snow proof, dust proof and crack proof. But it is not a luxury case in terms of look.

It is bulky but at least your phone is really protected. Take a look at the fr "" casing created by Lifeproof®. It has everything you need for the ultimate saving of your phone.


This iPhone 6 case is elegant and stylish. Most entrepreneurs like the leather casing as it protects the phone really well and the look is classy. (Apple has its own leather casing for $ 45.)


If you have the funds for it, branded or designer casing is another fashionable phone protector. Some are made of rubber, plastic, metal, faux leather and real leather. Depending upon your mood, you can switch up your designer casings anytime you like. Cute hard shell casings are from Kate Spade and Marc Jacobs. Some wallet / wristlet cases were designed by Michael Kors.

These are all the different types of casing for the latest iPhone 6. You can choose one which will fit your needs and personality. Or you can buy one each of these iPhone 6 case or protectors to match your mood.


Source by Kim Maureen Medel-Datumanong

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