The iPad Pro: Bigger and Better


The brand new Apple iPad Pro has even more to offer than its past versions. This iPad comes in two sizes, the largest being the new 12.9 inch model, which boasts the highest screen resolution of any iOS device at 2732×2048. However, if it’s mobility you are after, you may prefer the 9.7 inch model. The iPad Pro is more efficient, adaptable and portable than ever before, with optional keyboards available to purchase to turn the tablet into your computer, so you can use it anywhere and everywhere!

Apple haven’t compromised on beauty or quality with the iPad Pro either – the 12.9 inch model is the brightest and least reflective in the world, making it easy for you to complete your work wherever you wish – in the park, on the beach – the possibilities are endless! The new True Tone display means that the iPad Pro uses four-channel ambient light sensors to instantly adapt the display’s colour and intensity to environmental light, creating a more comfortable reading experience where ever you are. The range of metallic colours are sure to appeal to everyone. Also, there are many new tablet security measures such as the Touch ID feature, allowing you to turn your fingerprint into your password.

Are you looking for a recreational iPad? Never fear! The iPad Pro also functions wonderfully as a television and game console with hi-fi speakers featured in every corner, guaranteeing that your ears are fully immersed while watching your favourite action flick. The iPad Pro also features a 64bit A9X chip, giving it the power to easily take on any tasks you may need – from creating a presentation, to designing a 3D model for your next work meeting.

The new iPad Pro accessories allow even more versatility for tasks you may need to complete. For example, the Apple Pencil enables you to draw and write, perfect for the architect or design student.

The Apple iPad Pro certainly rivals the Microsoft Surface Pro tablet, but if it’s efficiency and beauty you are after, look no further than the Apple iPad Pro, bigger and better than ever before!

With the larger screen it works wonders as an iPad Pro kiosk stand.

What about the Galaxy View?

Samsung first teased their new tablet at a Berlin trade show in September of last year, but they have recently posted several photos of the unit on their company blog. The shots show the new tablet from a variety of angles. The View will no doubt be listed among the more eccentric technologies that Samsung has unveiled, but it includes an interface that is video-centric and comes with a home screen which is dedicated to media apps. It may be a bit unusual, but Samsung has left no questions as to its vision for this tablet. It’s intended to be a home-entertainment device for those people who don’t watch their videos in just one location, and there are no other tablets like it on the market right now.

The Galaxy View features a 1,920 × 1,080 display which is full HD, and above it sits a 2.1-megapixel camera. The internal workings include an octa-core 1.6GHz processor and some 2GB of RAM. At 5,700 mAh, the battery will give eight hours of continuous video playback, and the internal storage, whether on the 32GB or the 64GB unit, can easily be expanded by the use of a microSD card.

One slight downside is that it won’t ship with Android Marshmallow, Google’s latest mobile software offering. It will instead be using the Android 5.1 Lollipop software which is Marshmallow’s predecessor.

Samsung claims that the 18″ View is currently the single largest mobile Android device available on the market, and that may be true. However, as it weighs some 2.65 kg, it will be considerably less “mobile” than other tablets and smartphones. To offset this, a handle is featured on the back of the tablet in order to give it a little more portability, and it also has a kickstand which will allow the unit to stand upright without the need for other tablet stands or additional support.

How this rather large addition to the tablet market will fare has yet to be determined, but it’s clear that Samsung isn’t afraid to branch out and try new things. That’s something that just might serve themselves and their customers quite well both now and in the future.


Source by Ryan Raubenheimer

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