Free MacBook Pro? – Is it Possible to Get One Free?


If you are reading this article, then you have probably heard that its possible to get a Macbook Pro for free if you know the right place to look on the internet. Well, this is indeed true and not just some fanciful myth, and I am going to explain how and where you can do this, but first I want to explain to you just how it works, and how the companies that are doing this can get away with it without going completely bankrupt.

Well, first of all, you need to understand that you are not just going to get a free Macbook Pro without first doing something that benefits the companies that offer this deal. The way it works is basically this, you fill out a bunch of free signups, you refer a couple of friends to do exactly the same thing, and then you get your Macbook.

The companies can afford to give away free goods because they are paid a certain amount of money for each person that gives the other companies (the ones that you do the free signups with) a name and email. The great thing for you, the consumer, is that although you will have to complete some pesky order forms (usually about 3-4) that you will not be obliged to buy anything in future from any of these companies. You are not signing a contract to buy something.

Of course you always want to read the fine print with these offers, but on the most part, what I have described above is the way it works, and is the reason that these companies can afford to give away expensive goods for "free".

Its really a win win situation for all involved in the process, as unilaterally as it may seem when you first hear about it. But it is, if you think about it, the customer gets something really cool for free, the company giving away the free thing makes money from the people signing up, and the companies whose offers you complete complete get a chance to offer you their services.


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