Free Apple iPad – Become an iPad Tester and Get it For Free

Did you know is really possible to get an Apple iPad for free? I'm talking about a brand new iPad, that is not going to cost your $ 500 + dollars. The question you might be asking right now is "How is this possible and is it legit"? Well keep reading to find out!

Your first instinct might be to think that any type of Apple iPad giveaway is a scam. But the reality is, these industry giants like Apple, need to people to test their products and provide valuable feedback and opinions. The iPad's are no exception. The feedback these companies receive goes a long way in helping to improve future versions of the product.

This type of market research is a win-win situation for both you and Apple. Apple get the valuable market research on the product for future improvements and versions and you get a new Apple iPad for free at no cost.

These types of promotions are normally only around when the product is first launched. Fortunately, there is still time to get on board with the Free Apple iPad giveaway, but who knows when they will be pulling this offer, so take advantage while you can.

Avoiding Free Offer Scams

While there are genuine free iPad offers out there, there are also many scams floating around as well. It's pretty easy to tell the genuine offers from the fakes: If any offer wants you to pay money upfront, chances are it is a scam, so hit that backspace and move on! On the other hand …

Take advantage of the genuine Free iPad offer below, and in no time, you'll have yourself that brand new iPad!

Source by Angela Cartwright

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