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The new MacBook and MacBook pro laptop computers from Apple are faster than ever thanks in part to there Intel Core 2 Duo processors and 1GB of memory as standard. Everywhere you look today you seem to see that glowing apple symbol. You see it on the desks of breakfast TV presenters on News desks I even saw one last night on a documentary about Scientology. So what makes a Mac laptop so great?

Many see the Apple laptop as a mere fashion statement or status symbol there is no condemning the MacBook and MacBook pro look great, there super slick designs and that instantly recognizable Apple logo. But there is a lot more to a MacBook than meets the eye.

Apart from the Core Dou processors and memory Apple Mac laptops come packed with features, over 200 in fact here and are just a few:

A built in iSight camera is integrated above the crystal clear widescreen TFT display for capturing video and photos. Apple's front row remote lets you browse music, video or audio book libraries with ease without having to be parked in front of your Mac. Little touches, those clever forward thinking Apple design engineers come up with, like the MagSafe power adapter which holds the power lead in by use of wait for it! A magnet so when one of the kids or the dogs trips over the power lead, it just effortlessly comes away from your MacBook without damaging the lead and most importantly without sending your Mac laptop flying. AirPort extreme 802.11n Wi-Fi enabled, ready for when the rest of the world catches up and of course backwards compatible with older wireless technology. Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR is inside as well and all of this just works straight out of the box.


Source by Adrian Brown

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